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Spurfehler (2022)

Featuring Rob Hansen

During the pandemic, I reignited my passion for languages. I don't feel I have a particular talent for them but I can happily entertain myself by studying grammar and vocabulary. In January 2021 I decided to begin learning German and immerse myself in the language in as many ways as possible. I watch kids shows, read books, journal in German (looking up words constantly), and have switched my computer and all of its programs to German as well (again, looking up words constantly). When developing electronic music I typically enjoy overloading my program to the point of crashing it. The error messages show in German with "Spurfehler" or "Tracking Error" particularly common. It would be interesting to see how many people get into Ambient Music after having children. With now having three kids, this is the music I seek out, the music I wanted to hear. Here Rob Hansen's mandolin playing is particularly haunting. Thanks for listening.





Featuring Prism Percussion

Our world is defined by its inherent flaws. In art we often attempt to look past mistakes or strive to create with as few of them as possible, or at least that has been my norm. And yet 2020 has proven that life on Earth has its defects. There are systemic biases in how we treat each other. A “pneumonia of unknown etiology” can bring the world to its knees. A historical change is invariably a glitch from the previous norm. 

Each track on this album was created in quarantine. In staring into audio blemishes, I attempted to make the overloading, the processing anomalies, or the compression artifact as the main idea. Each bug of a piece is expanded to a landscape. Hopefully the defects can be seen as beauty.

Variations on Kate's Heartbeat (2019)

An album for my second born, Kate. For this collection we used an in utero recording of Kate's heartbeat as the launching point for many varied experiments.

Featuring tracks by

Emma Logan

Mario Godoy

Danny Clay

Joseph M. Colombo


Kevin Villalta

Kyle Hovatter


Retrack ii (2016)

Commissioned by Adam Cockerham and Mutable Music. Recording from the Interpretations series at Roulette in Brooklyn May 5, 2016


Music for Alice's Room (2015)

In May 2014 Alice Danielle Hovatter was born. Celebrating, I asked a few talented friends if they would be able to make some "furniture" music in order to christen her nursery. The response was overwhelming! These 14 tracks are a compilation of music made for Alice's room. All proceeds will go directly to those friends that jumped at the opportunity to create beautiful music for little Alice's room.

Featuring tracks by

Kevin Villalta, Danny Clay, Mario Godoy, Joseph M. Colombo, Nick Benavides, Emma Logan, David Gottlieb, Kyle Hovatter


A Topic Avoided (2013)

This album is in memory of my grandfather Albert Sever. Each track is my own personal representation of a different approach to cope with his passing. Part notated ambience and part process derived descant, this is my best attempt at emulating the repercussions from losing a great man. 

Featuring timbres ranging from handbell choir, guitar, melodica, train whistle, electric bass, recorders, piano, clarinet, flute, violin, cello, viola, spoken word, field recordings + processing


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